Our award-winning digital color compositing and color correction software gives you complete creative control over the look of your film or video production. Utilizing a system of unlimited transparent and semi-transparent mattes, we have the ability to match black & white to color footage, enhance existing color, create hyper-realistic environs, conceive unique palettes, and to isolate, intensify, alter or even create interpolating color effects.
Audi "Yield"
Bank of America "Sparring"
Dir. Tony Kaye
From realizing a unique artistic vision to correcting a bad shoot, our proprietary process allows you to achieve your post production goals. Our software enables us to work in 2K or video resolution with faster turnaround than Flame and other systems, and with greater flexibility, detail and control than Telecine color correction.
Hole "Celebrity Skin"
Dir. Dave Meyers
OutKast "Bombs over Baghdad"
2001 M.V.P.A. Best Rap Video
Dir. Bruce Dowad
Lexus "Desserts"
Dir. Nancy Bardawil
Gatorade "American Woman"
Dir. Brian Barber
Match black & white footage to existing color video
The Dave Matthews Band "The Space Between"
Dir. Dave Meyers

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black & white to color
All projects by Color Compositor / Art Director Jason Bond
Enhance existing color
Create compelling color
Go from black & white to color
Santa Monica, California
color correction, colorization